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Hall Switches/Sensors/Elements:
 Hall Linear ICs & Elements
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Hall Current Sensors/Transducers:
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 Open Loop Sensors (Rectangle Window)
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 Digital Hall Current Sensors
Electromagnetic Sensors and Switches:
 Hall Voltage Sensors/Transducers
 Hall Vane Speed Sensors
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 Hall Proximity Switches
 Magnetoresistive Speed Sensors
 Tunneling Magnetoresistive Switches
Current & Voltage Sensors/Transformers:
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 Aluminium Nickel Cobalt Magnets
Markets of ChenYang Technologies (HK) Co., Limited

ChenYang Technologies provides innovative and high quality solutions for measuring electrical, magnetic and mechanical quantities, such as current, voltage magnetic flux density, speed and position etc. We offer our customer various kinds of sensors and measuring devices and instruments. Our core products are used in a broad range of industry, energy & automation and automotive markets.

Industrial Applications   Energy & Automation   Automotive Applications

Industrial applications need power electronics requiring optimal and accurate regulation of current, voltage and power parameters. ChenYang uses innovative technologies to ensure the high degree of reliability and safety that customers require.

Typical applications include:
  • AC variable speed drives
  • Servo motor drives
  • Speed and position measurement
  • Static converter for DC drives
  • Battery supplied applications
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Switched-mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • Power supplies for welding and telecommunication
  • Pumps & fans control/monitoring
  • Induction cooking
  • Gas co-generator
  • Elevators & Forklifts
  • Air conditioning & ventilation equipment
  • Various converters
  • Grid power controls
ChenYang offers various kinds of sensors that are powered with single or double voltage sources, and have the most standard output signals, such as 0-4V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA and 4-20mA, which can be directly used.

  Electrical power sources are indispensable for all manufacturing processes, machines and systems. In addition they enable fast and reliable supervision of equipment and facilities. With the development of renewable energy, the energy management and monitoring of their equipment are of increasing important. ChenYang current and voltage sensors offer the best solutions of energy management, process automation and control systems.

These applications are related to different end-user profiles:
  • Machine and panel builders
  • System integrators / engineers
  • Factory maintenance and safety services
  • Energy service companies and facility management
  • Solar Photovoltaic power plant
  • Wind power station etc.
ChenYang current and voltage sensors combine advanced sensing technologies and signal conditioning of electronic circuits. Closed loop Hall Effect current sensors under using error compensation technology have a high measuring accuracy in both low and high current ranges of the sensors. By digitalization and integrating communication functions, intelligent energy management is easily realizable by using ChenYang sensors.
  ChenYang Automotive specializes in developing and manufacturing current, speed and position sensors for battery management and motor drive applications to cars, buses and trucks. The sensors with single power supply and instantaneous output are very suitable for battery monitoring. By controlling the current in energy-intensive applications, ChenYang makes a contribution to the global effort for reducing overall energy consumption.

Typical applications of automotive transducers include:
  • Standard battery monitoring
  • Hybrid and EV battery pack current sensing
  • Fuel cell current control
  • DC/DC converters and AC/DC inverters
  • Hybrid and EV motor inverter drive
  • Electric compressors for air conditioning
  • Speed measurement of vehiles and trains
  • Position controlling
ChenYang products meet the most of quality requirements for the automotive industry and are compliance with RoHS specifications. Based on the application know-how and current, voltage, speed and position measurement technologies, ChenYang offers you not only their standard sensors, but also develops customized products which can meet your requiements in terms of performance, time and costs.

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